Monday, October 17, 2011


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabulously Fun Fall Break!

This past week we had Monday and Tuesday off from school for fall break. I decided to take those days off from work also so that we could have some much needed family time together! This time of year is always busy and hard as Jim spends most weekends doing band stuff and the boys and I are left in our own.

Monday we spent the afternoon at the zoo. We have never really gone at that time of the day before but we went at 1 and stayed until almost closing and it was wonderful!

This is Drew with the Dino! They have a dinosaur exhibit coming in the spring and this is out there to advertise it.

JC checking out the elephants. I think he was making the elephant sound for me in this one.

This is Drew's very good friend, Caleb and his younger sister Lilly. Drew and Caleb do not get to see each other too often but when they do it is like they have never been apart! It is very sweet!

Here is the whole gang! They are quite a bunch!

They looked so excited! They get pretty tired of us moms taking their pictures.

JC, this was about the 4th try and I finally got him to look at me!

Watching the sea lion show together

And, I got JC to pose for a fall pictures while Drew was in the bat house.

Now, for a video I have been quite anxious to get posted! JC LOVES football! He will watch on tv whenever we find it on. Well, we got a video of him watching it the other day . . .

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Wins and Payoffs

We are now officially car note free!!!! YeeeeeHaaaaaw! For the first time in our married life (and the first time in 14 years for me) we no longer have a car note. This is a most exciting thing to us. We are praying that God will help us to care for both vehicles well and to get a few more years out of each.

And then, as if paying the car off was not enough, the same day, the OB Quistors beat the South Panola Tigers! Oh yeah, that is the team they like to refer to as The University of South Panola! And we did it on their home turf! And we didn't just like barely win, we dominated the game people! Final score: 24 OB 6 South Panola. This was an awesome thing for our team. I just hate I was not there to see it. The boys and I do not go to the away games yet, JC needs to be a bit older before we start trying that.

Last night was homecoming at OB. We played Desoto Central, which was not a very fun game. I am not even sure what the final score was but when we left it was about 40 to nothing. It was a fun week though. The schools had spirit week and got to dress in different themes all week long. Monday was sports day, wear a team shirt or jersey. Tuesday, was crazy hat day. Wednesday was silly sock day. Thursday was tacky day. Friday, of course, was blue and gold day! They had the homecoming parade during the day and all the kids got to come outside their schools to watch it. We had a really fun time last night at the game. The boys really enjoyed it. We stayed with Jim throughout the game because he will not see the kids much for the remainder of the weekend.

Today is State Marching Festival in Tupelo. My sister is keeping the kids and I will be riding on the bus with Jim. It will be a long day. We probably will not get home until about midnight. I always enjoy this day though. They have a great stadium for spectating. It will be nice when I can just take the kids with me, only a few more years.

Well I better run and finish up the laundry before it is time to take them to Southaven!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goofy Fun

It has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. It is our busy time of year anyway but there are weeks in there that always end up extra busy. It is hard to find time to just unwind and relax when it is like this because it seems that the only time we stop is when it is bed time! So, it was really a treat this past week to just have some down time on Monday evening and to be able to just laugh!

On my iPad I have an app called Photo Booth, which allows you to take pictures with some interesting and often funny effects! I several pics of my nephews while I was over there that afternoon and then again at home that night with the kids. So here they are:

My nephew Ben

My nephew Nathan

Double take of JC

Drew, of course he loved getting his picture taken! He is always a big ham and more than willing to pose!

This one is from today, just me and JC having fun together!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Change is in the Air!

Well, here we are at the last week of September. It has been weeks since I got to updating the blog. I really don't want it to be that way but life is just so busy!

This afternoon I am sitting at my sisters house watching her kids while she is at an appointment. Just getting to sit here and enjoy the beautiful fall afternoon is some much needed time for me.

In the past several weeks we have really gotten into band season. They had their first competition this past Saturday. They did great! It is a really great show this year. It definitely pushes the OBHS Band to a whole new level. It is fun this year with the kids because they ares starting to really take notice of it. They are both really taking an interest in the football games too. JC LOVES football! Even right now he is tossing a football around here in my sister's yard. Drew has begun asking questions about the game and wanting to know more about what is going on. But, he main objective at the ballgames is food and socialization! This past week we had some friends from church come to the game. It was fun to have them to visit with during the game. Their son, Dominic, is Drew's good friend. So they had lots of fun together! Drew even ended up going home and spending the night with them.

Here is the band performing last Friday night.

A couple of weekends ago I decided to go through the boys clothes and get out long pants and long sleeves. We had started having some cooler mornings and it was not the best idea to wear shorts. JC would probably be fine with it but Drew is my thin blooded child! The process of going through clothes is always a lengthy one and a humbling one too. First of all we have been blessed to always have hand me downs for both our boys. Between my sister and a friend of her and friends from church we have been blessed over and over again with clothing. So the process of going through them takes a while because we have to determine what fits and what needs to go in the drawer. Then we have to pack up what is too small for JC to give to someone else and also pack up what is too small for Drew and put it in the attic for JC to use at a later date!

Well, I did not get to finish this post in Monday when I started it! Now it is Wednesday. So just know that if it seems as though I have jumped onto ne info that I have!

I have several good pics to put on here but a few things to share first. First, the title if the post, Change is in the Air. Well I decided this week to give up Facebook. It was for a variety of reasons. I felt like I spent too much time on there. Lots if times in the car I would be on FB on my phone, while Jim was driving of course! It was just a time filler rather than talking to him and the kids. Now, I do think that having relaxation activities like that is a good thing, but it was just taking too much time. I have gotten on Twitter now. Which to an extent that is somewhat the same thing, but it does not have all the crazy games and what not. In getting off FB I hope to find more time to update the blog and get my pics on here rather than FB. Anyway, it has been a few days already and I feel good about it.

Now for some pics!

Playing Wii together. JC does not really know how to play but . . .

he does everything he sees his big brother do!

Last night we got directory pictures made at church. This was my attempt at a picture of them before leaving. JC's expression is funny!

Drew had no problem hamming it up for me to take his pic!

JC on the other hand will stand still long enough for you to get him before he runs to see the picture on the camera, hence the extreme close up!

I love this pic! I took it last Friday night before we went to the ballgame. It was just JC and I home and we were playing a little football in the backyard. This boy loves to play ball! He loves the band too, but I think he has some sports in his blood too!

Lots more to come, I have a bunch of funny pics to share, aiming to get those on tomorrow.
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Houston, we have a problem

This is a test. I have a post that I have spent A LOT of time on that will not post. So trying this test to see if there is a problem with the post.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

First football game and a busy Saturday!

Well, we had our first football game last night! It went great and the boys were good. We ended up sitting with our Sunday School teachers and JC sat in his lap the entire first half of the game! Drew hung out with Jim until they had to take the band down to warm up. The band performed an awesome show! It was the first performance and if course was not perfect, but it was great and they are going to have a great season! After the performance we hung out with Jim for a while. JC got to play on the drums in his office for a while . . .

He is our little drummer in the making!

Today we got a sleep in a while but had to get going on a busy day!
We had a birthday swim party this morning that just the boys and I went to while Jim worked on yard work. After our swim party we came home for nap time and to prep for a Sunday school party tonight. So it has been a busy day!

Now here we sit watching Billy the Exterminator and winding down for bed. I am just loving that I can sit here and make a quick blog post on my iPad!

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